Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Nudnik

I'm currently reading Sacred echo – Margaret Feinberg, published by zondervan.
Quite an interesting book as i warm to the idea that God uses the events and things in our lives to speak to us, if only we could listen or if only we could hear more quickly we might make a more profound impact in the world we live in.

Margaret says, God often uses the repetitive events and themes in daily life to get my attention and draw me closer to him.

The question is why does it takes several times for me to catch on is it only me or is this a trait of humanity in general?

She encourages us to listen for God’s whisper, trying to recognise the sacred echoes – those moments when God speaks the same message to my heart again and again. That same phrase or word that keeps reappearing in my life, relationships and study, until I can no longer ignore it, its more than coincidence.

A great example she outlines is the tenacious widow who demanded justice, eventually after much strife from the widow the local judge caves in and grants the widow's request, not because of her wisdom or her eloqeunce but because she was a Nudnik

Nuknik is a yiddish word the jewish translators used for this bothersome widow.
if we could understand the principles and links behind the echoes and the perseverance that being a Nudnik is or can be a good thing.